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With all the distractions in today's fast paced world, work/life has become extremely unbalanced for most of us business owners, entrepreneurs and startup adventurers. BLIMPED is unique in that, we understand, if you are seeking success, it's a joint balance between business growth AND mindset growth. We use proven business tools and techniques to create the momentum needed for business growth and we provide mindset training that is designed to inspire, challenge and motivate professionals and entrepreneurs for mindset growth.

At BLIMPED we understand the challenges facing organisations who are expected to go thru massive business transformation in order to remain competitive. This will lead today's executive leadership teams with a number of challenges, such as having difficulty creating a collaborative working team environment when dealing with new Millennial team members, being taken away from business goals in order to resolve team conflicts, and even all teams struggling to accept change & the 'new way of doing things' approach as it no longer aligns with the job descriptions. At BLIMPED, through workshops, one-on-one coaching & mentoring, using traditional forgotten business tools & techniques, will show you how to seamlessly grow the business beyond expectations; and by aligning this with proven mindset techniques & executive profile, create the trustworthy and collaborative team environment necessary for a successful business.

We are here for the misfits, the rebels, the crazy ones, life changers, innovators and anyone who had a dream to change the world AND themselves. Our commitment is to ensure anyone who crosses our paths, we give them the right mindset to be inspired and motivated and the right tools and strategies to become leaders and forward thinkers.

What does BLIMPED mean?

We have discovered there are 7 building blocks needed for a business to be successful and team members to be performing at their peak. B.L.I.M.P.E.D. is a representation of these blocks. We will now break each of the blocks.

(B) Business

Business owners, startups, entrepreneurs know and understand their key business. Unless one understands the basics of accounting, financial reporting & how to setup automated systems, bank feeds, expense reimbursement systems, failure will be quick.

(I) Innovation

The market will always be searching for something new—and you, not your competitor, must be the one to give it to them. Understanding and enacting some principles is essential to kick-starting a state of constant and successful evolution in your business.

(M) Marketing

Learn how to engage, connect and empower with purpose and influence using proven marketing techniques. Techniques being used by only a few who know how - the few who are now a success story like Uber, AirBnB & Toyota.

(E) Education

Business are expected to fail unless they have a strategy for continual improvements. We understand everyone has a busy schedule which is why we have BLIMPED University. Improvement for business owners and their teams at a time of their own convenience.

(D) Development

Business has 5 stages in its lifecycle. Sometimes the business can plateau. Our business audit and systems checklist will formulate a plan ensuring an acceleration to the next stage.

(P) Partnering

Many startups and Small to Medium sized business are leveraging their product/service by partnering with bigger organisations. We show you how to easily get noticed by the larger businesses and the power of co-branding across continents.

(L) Leadership

Empowering leadership is crucial in today's changing marketplace. Our proven cutting edge learning tools and strategies empowers managers and teams to lead with effectiveness and motivate others inspiring influence.

Our Services

Build a positive impact on your business. Check out what we have to offer.

Group Mentoring

Group Coaching

Numerous studies have been conducted outlining the benefits of mentoring in the workplace and the effect it has on career, health, job satisfaction and job performance.
We have designed a product to assist with mentoring professional staff members.The aim of the group mentoring are 4-fold:

Modern Marketing 101

One On One Coaching

We use world class proven method such as DISC, Workplace Motivators & EQ Behavioral Profiling to help leadership team members become self-aware and learn how to read, influence and lead others in the process.

Motivational Keynotes

Corporate events, leadership meetings, Annual General Meetings, Team Building event - they all require the audience to be motivated and ready to take onboard the agenda. Keynotes are designed to inspire, challenge and motivate large audiences
into action.

Modern Marketing 101

Online Business & Mindset Training

Don't just train people. Transform them. Workplace learning needs to change. Today's employees are demanding a new experience - one that combines intuitive technology with personalised content. BLIMPED makes it easy to bring that experience to your entire organisation.

Business Automation

Business Improvement Coaching

Modern day marketing has changed. Organisations have learned to streamline their processes with cloud services, a new style of sales funnels, and proven methods that have been around for many years but forgotten by all except a few successful business.

The Best Team Available

Get to know the people behind BLIMPED. Gez & Razz are two of the world leading professionals in their field - Mindset & Business.

Gez Perez
Mindset Growth Manager

Gez Perez is a Mindset Growth Coach. He is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their lives and take it to the next level so they can achieve personal success.

Razz Khan
Business Growth Coach

Razz is a Business Growth Coach. He understands that it is easier than ever to be in business. But where do you start? How do you develop your road map? Razz teaches this to upcoming entrepreneur using tools that are being used by some of the world's most successful people. Why should they be the only ones to have these tools!

Our Vision

Our vision is to completely ensure our clients are surrounded by smart and passionate people who will motivate, inspire and educate them using the best tools and approaches so that they can take giant leaps towards creating a successful organisation.


At BLIMPED, we are committed to providing the following:


  • Cutting edge tools.
  • Proven methodologies.
  • Insights & principles.
  • Templates & proven frameworks.
  • Business methodologies to our partnered potentials.


We understanding that by partnering with our clients and providing them with the right strategy, their success is our success.

Our Mission

At BLIMPED, our Mission is to ensure we:


  • Train tomorrow’s Leaders, Executives and Professional Team Members enabling them exponential growth in business.
  • Train today’s Leaders and Professional Team Members to scale up their business & personal growth through proven tailored strategies.
  • We throw the rule book out the window and teach forward thinkers how to achieve success in a very short period of time.
  • We want to be fun and funky without losing sight of our vision.
  • We take the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels and those who see things differently and ready them in the shortest time for success in today’s market.
  • Be visionary in the world of training.

Our Values

At Blimped we take pride in living our values every single day that evolves us to serve our clients with the purpose to be strategic in adding value and evolve to achieving focused results. Most importantly bringing in the passion, vision and ultimate edge.

We are a team that thrives on:


  • Our focus is all about customer results.
  • Inspire and empower today’s thought leaders.


At BLIMPED, we believe in providing the best and most honest coaching experience available.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this works. If you have any other questions about Blimped and our services, feel free to click the contact us button and one of our team member will get in touch with you.

1. What does BLIMPED mean?

BLIMPED came up from using the first letter of all the services we offer. Within (B) Business (D) Development, there is a need for (L) Leadership skills, (I) Innovative Ideas, (M) Mentoring, (P) Partnering needs, and (E) Education. This is to the power of 2, meaning each of these services requires two skills to achieve complete success – proven business toolkits and a mindset shift.

i.e. B(LIMPE)D²


It has been proven that successful people owe their success and growth to continual education. BLIMPED UNIVERSITY offers necessary courses that can be followed by leaders and teams at a time of their convenience. Blimped University is a world class training platform that gives learners easy access with tools, templates, courses that fits each stages of business and personal development.

3. Why should I use BLIMPED?

The founders of BLIMPED are both professional in their fields. Jointly they have owned and operated successful businesses ranging from retail, fashion, professional services, web design organisations, coaching & mentoring service businesses. They have the experience and know-how. They now wish to share this knowledge so as to allow business to succeed faster and not make the mistakes they made. Part of mentoring should be modelling oneself around someone who has achieved their intended goal.

4. How much does it cost?

There are a number of different services. (Check our services section). BLIMPED processes are to start with a complimentary free analysis of your business and then to quote on the relevant services you require. Contact the team through our Contact Us section below for more information. All our program costs are tailored around your need and budget.

5. What other help is available?

The dedicated staff at BLIMPED have committed to making themselves available to all BLIMPED clients. Every client is provided with the mobile number of both founders. Unlike other businesses that start from the bottom eg a support person, BLIMPED like to differentiate themselves by starting from the top!

What People Are Raving About

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Coach & Trainer, Be More Awesome

Thanks to Gez my personal and work life have been taken to a whole new level and I am now enjoying success's that I know I would not be enjoying without this breakthrough

Sharon Grant


Awesome support

I will be eternally grateful to Gez for he’s guidance that has led me down the road to success.

Rica Sey

Philanthropist & Miss Philippines – Australia, 2015

Marketing for Non-marketers

So much business has come our way since working with Razz


HAUS Property & Maintenance Repairs

Inovative Marketing Strategy

It has been exciting with the new way of Marketing for our business. I highly recommend Gez & Razz

John Shalala

Ray White Croydon

Professional team

My team and I really appreciate the motivational sessions with Gez & Razz on our staff meeting nights and with their review of my business processes I am now able to step away from my business and enjoy life alot more

Keven Ye

Gloria Jeans Nrth Strathfield


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