Grow Your Business Faster using Business & Mindset Coaches

With all the distractions in today's fast paced world, work/life has become extremely unbalanced for most of us business owners, entrepreneurs and startup adventurers. BLIMPED is unique in that, we understand, if you are seeking success, it's a joint balance between business growth AND mindset growth. We use proven business tools and techniques to create the momentum needed for business growth and we provide mindset training that is designed to inspire, challenge and motivate professionals and entrepreneurs for mindset growth.

At BLIMPED we understand the challenges facing organisations who are expected to go thru massive business transformation in order to remain competitive. This will lead today's executive leadership teams with a number of challenges, such as having difficulty creating a collaborative working team environment when dealing with new Millennial team members, being taken away from business goals in order to resolve team conflicts, and even all teams struggling to accept change & the 'new way of doing things' approach as it no longer aligns with the job descriptions. At BLIMPED, through workshops, one-on-one coaching & mentoring, using traditional forgotten business tools & techniques, will show you how to seamlessly grow the business beyond expectations; and by aligning this with proven mindset techniques & executive profile, create the trustworthy and collaborative team environment necessary for a successful business.

We are here for the misfits, the rebels, the crazy ones, life changers, innovators and anyone who had a dream to change the world AND themselves. Our commitment is to ensure anyone who crosses our paths, we give them the right mindset to be inspired and motivated and the right tools and strategies to become leaders and forward thinkers.

What does BLIMPED mean?

We have discovered there are 7 building blocks needed for a business to be successful and team members to be performing at their peak. B.L.I.M.P.E.D. is a representation of these blocks. We will now break each of the blocks.

(B) Business

Business owners, startups, entrepreneurs know and understand their key business. Unless one understands the basics of accounting, financial reporting & how to setup automated systems, bank feeds, expense reimbursement systems, failure will be quick.

(I) Innovation

The market will always be searching for something new—and you, not your competitor, must be the one to give it to them. Understanding and enacting some principles is essential to kick-starting a state of constant and successful evolution in your business.

(M) Marketing

Learn how to engage, connect and empower with purpose and influence using proven marketing techniques. Techniques being used by only a few who know how - the few who are now a success story like Uber, AirBnB & Toyota.

(E) Education

Business are expected to fail unless they have a strategy for continual improvements. We understand everyone has a busy schedule which is why we have BLIMPED University. Improvement for business owners and their teams at a time of their own convenience.

(D) Development

Business has 5 stages in its lifecycle. Sometimes the business can plateau. Our business audit and systems checklist will formulate a plan ensuring an acceleration to the next stage.

(P) Partnering

Many startups and Small to Medium sized business are leveraging their product/service by partnering with bigger organisations. We show you how to easily get noticed by the larger businesses and the power of co-branding across continents.

(L) Leadership

Empowering leadership is crucial in today's changing marketplace. Our proven cutting edge learning tools and strategies empowers managers and teams to lead with effectiveness and motivate others inspiring influence.