Meet Jez Perez

Meet Gez Perez

Gez Perez is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their lives and take it to the next level so they can achieve personal success. His passion is to inspire people so they can achieve and unlock their true potential for greatness. He truly believes that every individual can have a purpose driven life which enables them to take action, execute their goals with excellence and live and breathe out their dreams.

For the past decade, Gez has worked with market leading corporate companies in and around Australia.He has a strong background in Communications, Client Services, Project Management and the IT Industry. He has partnered with world-renowned organisations such as Vodafone, Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Zurich and Suncorp. His focus is to serve and bring greater value by making a difference and creating a transformation in people, teams, and organisations.


Gez will bring out your peak performance, empower you and revitalise your energy through a personal coaching style that has revolutionised people’s lives. This has resulted in clients witnessing how they are able to become the best version of themselves and in doing so, has taken on even greater challenges and producing breakthrough results that they can embrace and be proud of accomplishing.

Meet Razz Khan

Razz has had his own accounting practice, worked in retail, owned a franchise, became a developer, writing code for multiple applications and mobile development, worked for the Salvation Army, advised and worked in StartUp’s, and is accredited in Project Management. He now feels it’s time to give something back to those who have taken the leap of faith into their own business or are in business and have plateaued and just need a helping hand moving forward.

Razz and Gez could be known as the old couple. Razz brings almost 30 years of business experience. Over those years he has discovered that with a foundation, no matter how big a business becomes it’s just as vulnerable to falling down. So he believes, depending on what stage the business is at, he looks at the implementation of the right systems for success, reducing duplicated procedures and introducing flow charted consistent systems, he knows a business can reduce their cost, increase their bottom line and place succession planning into play. Over the years he has also found that without the right mindset of business owners and their family (the staff), a business will only reach certain limits. And Gez, who has a Masters from the Institute of Coaching understands this completely.

If Razz is the left side, then Gez is the right side. One needs both to succeed in today’s ever-changing world.